Photo: Rick Davy. Vehicle/Series Info: Rick Davy.

IN THE PRISONER: The Village helicopter, seen throughout the series.

IN REALITY: The Village Helicopter used in so many Episodes is the French-constructed SE313B Aerospatiale Alouette II. Codenamed F-BNKZ. In all, 923 were built for both civilian and military use. The helicopter used was rented by White Waltham Aerodrome-based RBA Helicopters, who purchased it from French helicopter company Heli-Union in 1966. The helicopter seen in the series was later piloted by Captain John Crewsdon, who also worked on films such as "Lawrence of Arabia" and several James Bond movies, who sadly died in an accident in 1983 whilst on a trip in an Alouette off the coast of Norfolk. The Penny Farthing logo seen on the helicopter was not just added for decoration - they were placed to hide the F-BNKZ lettering. The same helicopter can be seen, complete with codename, in the "Roundabout" episode of the series "The Baron".

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