"Can you paint? Can you draw? Can you model in clay?"
Village Announcer - "The Chimes of Big Ben".

This section of The Unmutual Website is dedicated to artwork sent by Prisoner Fans throughout the World. If you have some artwork which you would like to see included here, please contact TUW before emailing any large images or documents.

Click on the image to see that particular artists work.

If you have any Prisoner or Portmeirion Artwork which you would like to have displayed in The Unmutual Art Gallery, please contact TUW .

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Dahlia Lounge
Paul Syerson
David Portch
Mark Madland
Art & Hue
Paul Pickford
Heather Malone
Alison Overton
Helen Weathers
Albert Ross
Vaughan Brunt
Gez Crotty
Ken Parsons
Michele Wilson
Plinio and Calpurnia Designori

Other artists:

Craig Rice

Art tributes following Patrick McGoohan's sad passing can be seen HERE.

Some more commemorative "Prisoner" artwork HERE.