All events are:

FREE (or where applicable, Pay as You Go),

proceed irrespective of the weather,

open to all over age 12 (persons 13-17, must however be with a responsible

are via public transport (so bring any Travelcards/Railcards/Freedom-Bus
passes, permits etc - BR travel cost (on the Sat events)will be worked out
on the day and
averaged out amongst all attendees).

Re walkabouts, wear comfortable shoes. All Studio/venue visits are outside
only. For ID, watch out for (and carry) a Penny Farthing logo. Try to
watch the relevent DM/DM-SA/Priz/TA episodes before travelling. Opt in/out
at any point.
If joining us at a BR Rail Stn, meet us at arrival times just outside
Station ticket barriers (and wait for us if we are delayed: we will
eventually be there!). Bring your stills camera (compare locations then
and now) but remember any video/sound recording of tours is only allowed
for personal use
(no commercial use please).

Accommodation (these are suggestions not recommendations):if doing the entire
weekend on a tight budget, look up (on search engine):
"budget accommodation" ("+central london"),
"YMCA" "+stockwell",
"accommodation" "+baden powell house"
"+ london school of economics"
"+kings college london" (or any other london university site).
Also "40 Norfolk Sq W2 1RT""+hotel".[These people advertise budget accom
daily in Londons Ev Standard.]
Also check out "railbreaks" (joint rail+accom).
Again-none of these is a recommendation-we have not checked them out!]