On August 30th 2005, a Prisoner fan by the name of David Wilson appeared on the long running BBCTV Quiz Show "Mastermind". He chose "The Prisoner" as his specialist subject, and scored a very commendable 13 points. Unfortunately, some very good co-competitors and an average performance on the general knowledge round saw David finish 3rd out of 4.

But how would you have fared under the spotlight with only 2 minutes to answer the questions?

David's questions are repeated below, with the few he got wrong in itallics. Click on the question to see the answer.

Question: Which diminuative actor played Number Two's Butler in "The Prisoner?

Question: As what does Number Six describe himself as Mrs Butterworth first asks him who he is in "Many Happy Returns"?

Question: In "A, B, and C" what does Number Six place as a wager at the roulette table that wins him a key?

Question: In "The General", which subliminal teaching technique did the Professor use to educate the Villagers in history?

Question: A combination of how many slides in a projector revel Professor Seltzman's location in "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling"?

Question: In Dance of the Dead, what is specially delivered to Number Six for him to wear at the fancy dress ball?

Question: What unusual items do the members of the town council all wear during their disollusion meeting in "Free For All"?

Question: In the first episode "Arrival", what is the occupation of the Villager who first leaves Number Six with the ominous phrase 'Be Seeing You'?

Question: During the human chess game in "Checkmate", which piece moves without orders, and as a result is taken to the hospital?

Question: In "The Girl Who Was Death", Professor Schnipps in the guise of Napoleon offers to give Chelsea Barracks to his marshalls but what does he promise to give his Scottish marshall alone?

Question: Whose prize winning tapestry do Number Six and Nadia use as the sail on their boat during their escape attempt in "The Chimes of Big Ben"?

Question: When Number Six is transformed into Number Twelve in "The Schizoid Man", what does Number Two say that his nickname used to be?

Question: In "Hammer To [sic] Anvil", what language does Number Six use in a private advertin the Tally Ho newspaper?

Question: What is the single word written on the appreciation day monument when it is unveiled in "It's Your Funeral"?

Question: As well as threatening him with six days in jail, what does Number Two fine Number Six for speeding in their psycho-drama in "Once Upon a Time"?

Question: In "Free For All", who plays Number Six's chalet maid Number fifty-eight, who is finally revealed to be Number Two?

Question: What are Number Two's first words when he is apparently revived from the dead in "Fall Out"?

So how did you do? The Unmutual Website feels anything over 10 is commendable (David scored 13)! Interesting that David was asked exactly 17 questions - the same number as there are Prisoner episodes!

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