1. A maid or Village operative makes Number Six a non-drugged cup of tea which is both tasty and refreshing.

2. Number Two's male assistant is given Number Six as his latest assignment. After a tense build up, they decide not to fight at the end of the episode and have a nice beer and a game of darts instead.

3. Number Six awakens to find the Village deserted. Pleased with this sight, he decides to go back to bed and have a lie-in.

4. The Village have perfected a new experimental technique for extracting secrets. However, upon attempting it on Number Six they find it to be completely successful.

5. Number Six meets a female Villager whom he learns to trust. At the end of the episode, however, it transpires that she is completely trustworthy.

6. Number Six has his mind placed in the body of another man. Preferring it, he decides not to bother to find the Professor who devised the technology, thinking: "the wife don't seem to mind so I'll keep it".

7. Number Six decides to dupe Number Two into believing he is a spy by inventing a code which reads "pat a cake pat a cake". Little does he know, this is Village code for "Number Six to be Executed".

8. On a visit to the Green Dome, Number Six makes a "Number Twos" gag, much to the amusement of the eavesdropping Butler.

9. Number Six visits the Village shop to buy some groceries. After happily paying, he leaves the shop without spotting any items of use.

10. Number Six takes a taxi home from the Cat and Mouse, whereupon he throws up in the back, while Barbara Yu Ling comments: "You'll never guess who I had in the back of my cab the other day".

11. The female observers miss Number Six's escape attempt due to them watching the Hollyoaks omnibus.

12. Number Two answers the red phone on his desk and has a pleasant and jovial conversation with the caller.

13. Number Six finds a dead body on the beach, which he promptly reports to the proper authorities.

14. A new ex-spy is brought to The Village. After waking up in what appears to be their own home, they decide to have a spring clean and catch up with some reading - completely oblivious to the fact they are in The Village for several weeks.

15. The Supervisor video-tapes Number Six in the toilet, and precedes to make a compilation video which he sells around The Village from the back of an Ice Cream Van.

16. Number Six escapes and finds his way back to London. Upon relaying the story to his former bosses, he is taken away and placed in a secure unit for the mentally ill.

17. Number Six is brought in front of one of The Village's Committees, where he has a quiet and pleasant chat about things.

18. Number Six sabotages one of The Village cameras, at which point he electrocutes himself and is treated for 3rd degree burns at the hospital.

19. On a visit to read a bedtime story to some local children, Number Six discovers he is locally known as "old grumpy pants", and that the local kids regularly go to the sports hall to laugh at him in his Kosho gear.

20. Number Six enters a Village craft competition. With no ulterior motive whatsoever, he comes 18th out of 20 with his pathetic woodwork offering and vows to try his hand at poetry next time.

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