On a Having recently (like, about a couple of months ago!) bought the Aussie DVD set, I have thereby freed up the pre-recorded videos from Channel 5 etc as well as a couple of episodes that I'd never bought that way. In other words, they were video-ed off the TV many years ago.

I haven't worked my way right through the DVDs, but I went to record over my old Living In Harmony last night and found myself watching it right through instead! It is much-rubbished as being a "last gasp" episode (along with Girl Who Was Death, Forsake etc) but I think it still stands up after all this time.

When it was first shown (in the sixties) I was well into the series, watching every episode, but I still really thought for a while - up to the first advert break in fact, I recall - that the wrong programme was being shown in The Prisoner's slot! Sounds stupid now, but I was only n-n-n-nineteen.

First time around, I COMPLETELY missed the western reworking of the beginning and only really fell in when the plot was OBVIOUSLY about leaning on P to do something he didn't want to do. Now, when I re-watched it, of course I got *all* the western reworkings (at least, I think I did) but it is a very good piece of drama nevertheless, and Kanner does drunk cowboy psycho sexfiend soooo very well. OK, he's a bit two-dimensional at times.. ;-)

Anyway, that's my bit of revisionist re-education done for the week!! P'raps I'll see if I can find any redeeming features in "Do Not Forsake Me" next.

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