by Peter Glass

I am almost 65 years old. I live/work in Florida and am a caregiver for my mother, who is 90 with profound dementia. I am proud to say that I watched The Prisoner when it was first shown in America. I was a kid in NY and, because this was a time before video recording, could only catch each episode when it aired and would have no recourse if I missed any of them! I was not alone with this problem... HA!

Eventually I bought the VHS set and, ultimately, the DVD set! Been a lifelong McGoohan fan via Secret Agent, Ice Station Zebra and his acting/directing stints on the Colombo episodes (and other odd filmatic performances). I had always hoped he could resurrect The Prisoner, but, alas, that was not to be. It was such a product of its time, so I really can't complain. Was not totally happy with the remake with Jim Caviezel, but tried to appreciate the valiant effort.

When I was teaching in the small Eskimo village of Marshall (1978-80), we had only one TV channel. For some fortuitous reason, they aired the
series! I understood that part of the shows concept was about microcosms of the world and society based in a village, much like where we were. I was a member of a British Prisoner fan club and they provided me with lesson plans. I would prep the high school kids on what the episode would be like (the accents and quick dialog was a little rough for them). The following week we would have discussions. It was a neat educational experience for me and those students. I wish I still had those lesson plans! I also recall making them watch Seven Samurai when it was aired. They did not like reading the subtitles, but ultimately loved the film. One more memory for you...the station usually aired SNL and one magical Saturday night, much to my insane happiness, the Rutles movie was shown instead! A few weeks later, in my special ed. room, I was playing the radio while the kids were doing something and a Beatles song came on. One of the kids said to me, "Hey, Mr. Glass, they're playing The Rutles!" I told that story to Neil Innes when I met him and he was enthralled by it!

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