Ever since I first saw the Prisoner, I have been trying to get others to watch it. Most people want a brief summary of why I like it and I find that is hard to provide. It's such a unique show that you need to see before you can understand it! Needless to say, these conversations don't usually work out too well, as someone who has not seen TP will not be swayed by the simple statement of "there's a giant weather balloon that eats people!" So, I've been thinking about why I really like the Prisoner and here's my random list, in no particular order of significance:

1) Lava Lamps.
2) Rover - for being Rover.
3) The fact that the Prisoner is an expert carpenter, astronomer, flint knapper, artist, raft builder, Olympic fencer, marksman, pidgeon catcher, navigator, helicoptor pilot, weapons expert, martial artist, gymnast, hyptnotizer, boxer....
4) "Be Seeing You!" - each and every time it is said.
5) The seemingly obligatory cheesy fight scene with overly dramatic music in every episode.
6) The fact that you can hook up a couple of wires and watch someone's dreams (I want to see the cat's dreams myself!)
7) The unsettling, constantly moving style of the camerawork.
8) Doors that automatically open.
9) Brilliant dialogue.
10) Having a group of guys in sunglasses sitting around a glowing Rover and never explaining it.
11) The fact that this was made in 1967 and people are still talking about it.
12) Reoccuring theme of chess .
13) The Prisoner, stranded at sea for many days, with little chance of escape, still shaves every day.
14) Portmeirion - for being the Village.
15) The Butler - for always being there, ever loyal.
16) The entire opening sequence of every episode.
17) Pennyfarthing Bicycle.
18) The cat - any cat that can break a plate sitting on a stone wall has got to be cool!
19) The fact that number 2 changes in most episodes.
20) The capes, stipes, umbrellas...
21) Kosho - trampolines, water, red cloaks - who wouldn't want to play??
22) Pop.
23) The fact that the small village has an entire shop devoted to clocks.
24) Patrick McGoohan's expressive eyebrow movements.
25) Egg Chairs.
26) The Tally-Ho, you know.
27) Un-mutual!!!
28) Cool Phones.
29) For having an entire episode of British actors trying to be American cowboys.
30) Alexis Kannis - for having an incredible screen presence and an addictive personality.
31) "You have just been poisoned".
32) Lamps that come down from the ceiling and brainwash you.
33) Wooden toys spinning in front of people's faces.
34) For playing "All you need is love" while dozens of people are being gunned down with machine guns.
35) "Is possible that subject likes the view".
36) When the Prisoner calmly walks out into the Village street at the end of Chimes.
37) When the doctor and number 2 turn towards the real door as the Prisoner enters in during the dream sequence.
38) When the pilot says "Be Seeing You!" and ejects the Prisoner.
39) The Music.
40) The entire episode of "Once Upon A Time" for the sheer intensity of the actors.
41) For having a totally unsatisfying yet highly intriguing ending that allows people to still be talking about it decades later.
42) The fact that people thousands of miles away from me will be reading this and know exactly what I am talking about!

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