Readers of The Unmutual Website will no doubt also be fans of American rock band "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My darling", who have used the series to influence not only their name but also their music and videos.

In 2011 readers will doubtless recall the bands amazing shot-for-shot recreation of the series opening title sequence (news item HERE) and for their last video they have recreated one of the series' most unforgettable scenes for their latest video - the poisoned pint scene from "The Girl Who Was Death".

Starring Sophia Cacciola and Michael J Epstein (the band), the video is a sequel to the previous "Living in Harmony" video and sees Michael reprise his role as Number Two. The video can be viewed below:


Sophia was kind enough to spare some time to share more details regarding their latest video:

"We shot this video last February before we had the track fully done (which is a free download here: so it's taken a while to finish it up!

It was shot in one day at one of our local hangouts, Radio in Somerville, MA. I had a fun time running around antique stores for Sonia's jacket/hat and for the specific cordial glasses.

I ordered the pint glass off of a seller on etsy. It was a really fun shoot, as basically a group of friends hanging out during the day in a closed bar in mod/60s gear drinking pints of beer - a pretty fun day even without the cameras!

"The video was shot by long-time band collaborator, Kelly Davidson - her assistant on the shoot, Dave Green took a bunch of fun behind-the-scenes photos: "

"The video loosely ties into another recent video as its sequel (that's not a Prisoner-recreation but is spy-themed - you'll recognize what my Number 2 picks up at the end of it) - We thought we needed to add a little bit of context to the beginning for the viewers who don't know the Prisoner, so basically we have Number 2 ordering Sonia/Death to poison me. "

The Unmutual Website cannot thank and praise the band enough for their amazing efforts and would encourage all readers to visit the band's website HERE as well as the individual links above.

With thanks to Sophia Cacciola for this news item. Photos (c) Copyright Dave Green at