In October 2004, 4 very special guests attended the Prisoner Locations Walkabout, hosted by Dave Lally of the London Prisoner Group (more details on these walkabouts on our events page).

These guests were Prisoner Edition Caterham 7 sports cars, very similar to those seen in the Prisoner series. The cars were accompanied by a photographer, a writer, and 4 enthusiastic Seven owners and Prisoner fans with a view to writing a feature article for Octane Car Magazine. For the 20 or so walkabout attendees it was a special treat indeed.

In early April 2005 their attendance came to fruition, when the May 2005 issue of Octane went on sale throughout the UK. The article, littered with photos taken during the walkabout, runs for 6 pages and includes a brief history of the Lotus/Caterham 7, and the part it played in The Prisoner (including an exclusive interview with Caterham director Graham Nearn about the car, and his dealings with Patrick McGoohan).









Thanks to feature writer Richard Fleury, and Seven owners Guy Field and Steve Landes, The Unmutual Website is delighted to provide several images from the photoshoots which did not make it into the final magazine. Photos must not be downloaded or reproduced without our expressed permission.


































Photos: Richard Fleury, Rick Davy, Casey Leonard, Steve Landes and Guy Field.

For more details on the Lotus 7, visit The Unmutual Prisoner Vehicle Guide.

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