The Unmutual Reviews:
"The Prisoner Interrogations 2"
By Leslie Glen, St Inan's Press, ISBN 978-0-9567928-1-5.

Review by Gary Murfin

When “The Prisoner Interrogations” was published in 2012, reviewer Rick Davy noted that that although many different types of book have been written about The Prisoner, this was the first ever “Prisoner” quiz book. Following on from his excellent first book, Leslie Glen has released “The Prisoner Interrogations 2” in 2018.

Those who have already read The Prisoner Interrogations will not be surprised to find that the second volume is presented in the same format, six interrogations of seventeen questions each - which should require no explanation to those au-fait with The Prisoner series – and a tantalising array of new questions to tease and challenge the most knowledgeable minds on the subject.

An array of comments from varied members of The Prisoner “royalty” including a thought provoking foreword from Howard Foy, a preface from Ian Rakoff recounting animated interactions with Patrick McGoohan plus rear cover comments from Eric Mival, David Healey and Robin Llywelyn are praise indeed for this well-crafted volume and eagerly awaited sequel.

Often described as “inimitable”, Leslie Glen has been writing on the subject of The Prisoner for a number of years and many fans will be familiar with the his artistic and musical excursions as well as organising his popular “Mind Mash” events, all providing a healthy mixture of serious debate and light-heartedness. I was, as ever, pleased to be subjected to a series of “taster exams” at the book’s launch in November.

Although similar in format to the first volume, many of the still photographs used in the first outing have been replaced by Leslie’s own artwork with clever and entertaining captions. In a world that increasing relies on computer generated imagery, it’s pleasing to see that Leslie has remained “old school”. Producing all his own artwork using traditional techniques is a nice, individual touch.

Whether you are new to The Prisoner or a “seasoned veteran” this volume will challenge and entertain. Like the Prisoner, it can be appreciated on different levels, whether you want to check your current level of understanding and recall, develop a “Mastermind” like knowledge of the series or simply to have fun, I can thoroughly recommend it on all counts.


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