The Unmutual Reviews: Number Six - The Prisoner Book, Files Magazine Special
John Peel - ISBN 6-01 12-744-k 592pp.1I1A

Review by David Healey

One day, in a science-fication shop in Bromley, I spotted a Prisoner book I was unfamiliar with. I naturally decided to purchase it. What a mistake! This publication, entitled "No. 6, The PrisonerBook, A Files Magazine Special", authored by John Peel, is quite simply, dreadful. What can I say to ensure you don't rush out and purchase a copy? It contains the 1977 Warner Troyer interview. Nothing new here. The bulk of the book is made up of episode synopses. These are prepared with factual errors in the storyline as well as gems such as "Schnapps" for "Schnipps" and "directed by Patrick McGoohan as Pat Jackson". I purchased this £11.99 tome for the episode critiques; to be fair some are not that bad, but toward the end they become incomprehensible.

No one has proof read the book, letters and words are mis-spelt, missing and even lurch into each other or capitals for no reason at all. The quality of printing makes whole pages unreadable. Sentences disappear into the binding entirely. The spelling is priceless. Just who are Berrine Le Beau, Fabian Drake and Romo Gavara? "It's Your Funeral" was apparently written by Michael Cramby! Have I deterred you yet? The quality of the photographs vary from moderate to fourth generation photocopy. Any relationship between the episode and illustration used is entirely coincidental. Some are reversed, others duplicated. Some of the errors would be humorous if it wasn't so sad. Honestly, at £11.99 this is a disgrace. The author should be removed and sent to the Village for a rheabbilitashun course!

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