PATRICK McGOOHAN - 1928-2009

On 13th January 2009, Patrick McGoohan passed away. The Unmutual Website, and other websites dedicated to 'The Prisoner' saw an outpouring of emotion at the news that a great actor, writer, and director, as well as a husband, father, and grand-father, had left us. The legacy he leaves behind of his great performances and creations, especially that of 'The Prisoner', lives on in us all. Below are a selection of the tributes received by The Unmutual. Be Seeing You, Mr McGoohan. Thank you.
Rick Davy, The Unmutual Website.

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"My wife, Elaine, and I were stunned to hear of Patrick's passing this week. He, as many of you know, was both a longtime business associate and very close friend. Patrick did his last interview, ever, (for Disney's DVD release of "DR. SYN ALIAS THE SCARECROW") for me even though there wasn't anything he hated more. I am eternally grateful for his work, his legacy and his friendship.I will never forget the time my wife and I sat with him at his breakfast table at his beautiful home in Pacific Palisades while he did one-man plays for us while jumping up every few minutes to make us another coffee. A lot of people don't realize what an incredible sense of humor Patrick had. It was very dry but infectious and once you were witness to it you could see it, in everything he did...even in the Prisoner. Patrick was the warmest, classiest, most thoughtful and meticulous person we have ever known. Patrick McGoohan's professional accomplishments and impeccable personal reputation are widely known and well documented so we will not reiterate them here. Instead, we'd like to reflect on and share a few personal thoughts about this fine man. What started as just another business association eventually became a true and treasured friendship. Beneath the great intellect, which was so evident in his flagship work, THE PRISONER, was an extremely warm and gracious nature. No. 6 and Kind Edward the Longshanks may have been less than cordial characters but Patrick McGoohan had true heart and a generous spirit. Though his fans are legion, he remained humble and was both unwilling and uncomfortable in talking about himself. Even in writing this memorial, I can't help but feel a bit of a sense of betrayal to that modest side and am certain he would disapprove mightily of all the glowing words being written by so many this past week. For most, what will be missed is his work and the promise of more in the future; for us, it will be the deep chuckle over the phone, the dry wit in a note and the teasing wink of a blue eye. We will miss our dear friend for a very long time. Rest in peace, Patrick."
Larry and Elaine Green, Bellingham, Washington USA

"Like everybody else here I’m devastated to hear about the death of Patrick McGoohan. It’s odd, but I somehow felt he’d be around forever, such was his iconic status both as an actor and – I use the word deliberately – a revolutionary. I really can’t think of another series where someone was given absolute carte blanche to make what they wanted and be involved in the writing, acting, directing, act as the lead character and deliver something that still resonates through popular culture and politics today. THE PRISONER is as relevant as ever, a fact born out by AMC’s big budget remake due later in the year. There are very few things that I can say changed my life but THE PRISONER was one of them. I remember being transfixed in front of the TV one late night in 1982 during ITV’s ‘Best of British’ season. Looking back, I remember that my hair stood on end when the credits of ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ began (it probably didn’t but it really should have done). Right from the opening roll of thunder this was something I’d never seen before on TV: cinema standard production values, superb photography, a masterpiece of action editing and perfectly paced theme music. ‘TGWWD’ isn’t a typical episode but it remains one of my favourites: full of colour, fun and chutzpah, qualities that the whole series possesses but isn’t often given enough credit for. Once Channel 4 showed the whole series I was completely hooked. The twist ending of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’, the theatre and fantasy of ‘Dance of the Dead’, the psychedelic primal scream of ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Fall Out’… nearly every episode was a visual tour de force. Seeing THE PRISONER aged 18 was just the right time, as it opened my mind to how inspiring film and television making could be. The thing that THE PRSIONER says in every one of its 35mm frames is that the people who made it were in love with what they were doing, and that’s a tremendous legacy to pass on to subsequent generations. Look how ahead its time it was: every TV drama series made today looks like a film, and THE PRISONER was the first series to pioneer that approach. It’s no exaggeration to say I wouldn’t be doing now if it weren’t for Patrick McGoohan. Writing and filmmaking are in my blood thanks to him and his you-can-do-anything-if- you-really-want-to attitude. I’ve also been acquainted with the beauty of Portmeirion, made some good friends and met some of the marvellous people who worked on the series, among them the late, great Frank Maher and Kenneth Griffith. I had tears in my eyes when Kenneth read out the foreword he wrote for me. In a small way, I hope I’ve managed to increase the appreciation of Patrick’s work, particularly DANGER MAN, which is vastly underrated and is in many ways an equally significant piece of 1960s popular culture. He seemed to have a love/hate relationship with THE PRSIONER in later life, but if one man can produce something that stands the test of time, then that’s a staggering achievement. And that’s before you look at his stunning performance as Ibsen’s BRAND, scene stealing from Hollywood stars in ICE STATION ZEBRA and slick, conniving anti-hero in ALL NIGHT LONG… Kenneth Griffith said it all: “McGoohan had a tremendous talent that should have been encouraged and developed. I’d put him in the same league as Jimmy Cagney, definitely. You just don’t see their like anymore.” How true. My sincere condolences go out to all Patrick’s friends and family. Rest in peace, Mr McGoohan: you’ve earned it and you’ll never be forgotten."
Robert Fairclough, "Prisoner" author, United Kingdom

"One afternoon (21-9-1994) on Kildare Street in Dublin, I was sitting in a car with a friend, when looking at my car wing mirror, I noticed a tall gentleman walking towards us. I said excitedly to my friend " I think that is the actor Patrick McGoohan". I was very excited because Patrick was one of my true Heroes, as I had been addicted to both Dangerman and the Prisoner as a young boy in the 1960's . I still wasn't sure that it was Pat, but I knew that he was in town for the filming of the movie Braveheart, so I guessed it could be him. He was tall and slim and he had a beard and heavy rimmed glasses. Nevertheless, I recognised his unmistakable forehead and eyes, "yes", I said to my friend, "it has to be him". Taking all my courage I jumped out of my car just as Patrick passed. I said to him, "Excuse me but are you Patrick McGoohan?" He turned around slowly to me and said "Yes". Hoping I wasn't looking too idiotic at meeting this great man in the flesh, I just told him the usual dross( he probably had heard this a million times) about being a huge fan of his work and especially of both Dangerman and The Prisoner. He was the most courtious and friendly Gentleman to me. He seemed to be genuinely touched that I liked his work and he was enjoying being back in Ireland and filming with Mel Gibson. Smiling, he then said to me " Do you know what I have here under my arm"? I said "No". "This is the script for a new Prisoner movie that I'm writing, I'm hoping to interest Mel Gibson in the part of No.6." Pat only gave me a quick glance at the work in progress. We chatted for a short while longer and then Pat went on his way. Just before we parted I asked him for his autograph which he was delighted to sign.. to see his handwriting of the immortal words "Be seeing you" is now one of my most treasured items. Boldly, I asked him if I could take a photo of himself, he kindly said yes, another treasured keepsake. This day I met John Drake, No.6 and Patrick McGoohan in Dublin has over the years, especially since Pats untimely death, become one of my most precious memories. I had always hoped to meet up with him sometime in the future, that was not to be, but I'll always have my Dublin memory. Oh I do wish I could have read his script for the Prisoner, but I'll bet that it would have been everything all of us McGoohan fans would have wished it to be."
Michael Lee

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"I was so sorry to hear about the death of Patrick McGoohan. The Prisoner was, in my opinion, the greatest television series of all time and McGoohan was an incredible (and in many ways, sadly neglected) talent. The announcement of a new version of the series later this year seems a final irony – the makers have already said that they will not even try to capture the spirit of the original and that’s probably a wise decision. Who could seriously hope to follow it?"
Philip Caveney, Author

"The man was one of my heroes, both in what I perceived to be his private life and in his iconic roles of John Drake and Number 6; the thinking man's hero, indeed. It was only yesterday; can I be that old that he is gone?"
Bill T

"For Patrick's kindness in 1967, reading 'The Prisoner' inspired story written by a 16 year old and for the advice he game me in his reply. Even though he was working under extreme personal pressure at the time to get the series finished. I will never forget him. I admired and respected his life, career and achievements since I was 12 years old. Almost 46 years. How I longed to meet him in person. I wrote many times over the years, to express my gratitude and thanks for what he did for me personally, and what it meant to me. I hope he understood. Patrick will remain forever, my one and only favourite actor. I wish you a beautiful journey Patrick. You inspired and awakened so many people. 'In dreams I walk with you'.
Patrick will be forever living, in the minds and hearts he touched. For a man so respected is not gone, as he is loved so much."
Glenies McCairns, United Kingdom

My sympathy goes out to Patrick's McGoohan's family and friends, particularly as I myself lost my Mum last September under similar circumstances. I was fortunate enough to briefly meet Parick during the recording of the 'Greatest Hits of 1968' TV show in the UK. I had been sitting feeling star-truck whilst he was being interviewed - although I was only a couple of feet away from him, it seemed 'so near yet so far' as I didn't have a clue what to say to him. Then, as he rose to his feet at the end, a genuine feeling of gratitude arose in me and I went up to him, looked him in the eye and shook his hand simply saying 'thank you'. His face momentarily softened in that moment, and I knew he was touched...... I'm sure now that the gratitude and appreciation that so many people are feeling and expressing goes with him and supports him on this next stage of his journey.....He spoke in an interview he gave some years ago about how he believed creative energy actually increases rather than decreases even as the body ages. The fact he was still writing and looking forward to further acting roles bears out the truth of this insight. I firmly believe that creative energy continues to grow even when the physical body completely falls apart, and that death is, in reality, a huge release of energy - the culmination of a life, rather than the end - I certainly felt thiswith my Mum's passing. Patrick has, indeed, finally escaped!
Merlina, United Kingdom

"The world has lost a brilliant man. Mr. McGoohan has to be respected, not only for his imaginative, yet realistic, productions, but as a man of intense dedication and conviction to his God, his family, and his life. His long marriage and commitment to privacy reveal his integrity of character as a family man, and private citizen, as well as an actor, writer, and producer. I know he liked chess... and, as a fellow chess player, I know he had to find pleasure in exercising his mind. To his surviving family, and the family he created from his performances and productions, my sincere condolences. I believe all of us who loved his character are those who believe they "are not numbers, but [to live as] free people." Prayers to you all. "One day, we will all join you in escaping 'The Village', Patrick.""
Stan Kern, USA

"Those who felt the exhilaration of Danger Man or were challenged and inspired by The Prisoner did not idolize Mr McGoohan as a "star". They loved and admired him as a friend. I hope that he knew that. Thank you and God bless you Mr McGoohan."
Bill Ackland, Australia

"It is with a sad heart that I write this farewell to a truly inventive and creative individual. A man who has given me so many happy times with his television work in the sixties and introduced me to Portmeirion, which I now love with a passion. It is a place that I find true peace in this mad world that we live in, and is hard act to follow just like Patick McGoohan. My thoughts are now with his family and friends during this difficult time. May he now meet number 1 and be a prisoner no longer. R.I.P"
Alan D Roberts & Family, United Kingdom

"I was terribly saddened to hear of the death of Patrick McGoohan. We have lost an actor, director and writer of outstanding talent. My condolences to his family and friends."
Tony Woodrow, United Kingdom

"Perhaps the best way to pay tribute to Patrick McGoohan is to reflect on how his most famous series, 'The Prisoner' has reached so many people and brought them together. Speaking personally, as a direct result of seeing the programme (and becoming a fan), I have subsequently met many interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I count several amongst my friends to this day, and it is clear from reading this page that the programme had a similar impact on the lives of other people too. For that reason I am grateful to Patrick McGoohan, as well as to Lew Grade who gave him the opportunity to make that series in the first place. Thank you Patrick and Be Seeing You."
Ronnie Soo, United Kingdom

"Patrick Joseph McGoohan’s contribution to the world of arts, imagination, creativity and intellect is unique. He was wonderful and very inspirational as a person, and he was also, always, active. After retiring as an actor / director, he continued writing (scripts, poetry, and novel) because he loved it very much. In January 2008 I was extremely lucky and happy receiving a letter from Patrick McGoohan who had fulfilled my wish to take an interview from him. Being a career counselor of secondary school education in my country, I wanted to give to the Greek students the opportunity to know him better and learn significant things from his life and working experiences. I was astonished by his immediate response to my request and by his straightforwardness and sincerity while answering all of my questions, most of them extensively. At the same time, he also proved how modest he was… I would like to share with you two of his answers: C.S.: “What do you love best in acting?” Patrick McGoohan: “The challenge to do it better.” C.S.: “Would you like to say anything special to young people?” Patrick McGoohan: “Be honest. Be true. Most of all – have a sense of humour and Good Luck!” Patrick McGoohan, no matter where he and we are, is always next to us with all of his works, his real care, his love for freedom and his unstoppable quest. He gives us strength to keep trying to make our world a better place for everybody. Dear Patrick, thanks again for EVERYTHING!"

Chrysoula Stergiou, Greece

"It is always a sad day when an icon of cult television passes away, and there's none sadder than that of Patrick McGoohan's passing. The Prisoner is one of those programmes that everyone has heard of, but not many have watched - surely the very definition of "cult" television.The cream of British television talent was involved in it's making and although the crew were individually talented and creative in their own right, it was McGoohan that provided the motivation and inspiration for them to do their very best.The Prisoner was a wonderful gift to the world, so thank you Patrick, and rest in peace."
David Mackenzie, United Kingdom

"My father introduced me to The Prisoner roughly twenty years ago and to this very day I am still enthralled by Mr. McGoohan's vision. The fierce individuality of Number Six influenced me as I grew up, through high school, into university and now I see it even in my artwork. The themes of questioning authority have spilled over into questioning the world, leading me to investigate the truth for myself instead of depending on the mass media to serve it up to me on a silver plate. Three years ago I married and I shared The Prisoner with my wife. I'm happy to say she also fell in love with the show and Patrick's will to live the life that he wanted to live, without compromise. We were both shocked and saddened to learn of his passing. His example will not be forgotten."
Devon Grey

"I have recently discovered your superb web site,having recently heard the devastating news of one of my all time heroes Patrick Mcgoohan. As well as a superb Actor,writer and Director he was, (-particularly in Dangerman) a fantastic role model for anyone who looked to him,especially the young and impressionable... a far cry from todays so called stars with their on screen loose morals and general lack of class. The latter part of last year i was fortunate to purchase at auction, a xmas card from himself.. ...It now hangs in a frame in my living room and will be treasured as long as I live as a tribute to the great man. I only wished I could have shook his hand..He was an absolute genius ..acting ,writing,and all senses of the word!!!..."
Martin Reynolds

"When I received the notice that Patrick McGoohan died, I felt very sad, because it means the finish of a time. When I saw for first time The Prisoner, that was to me as a beacon of liberty, more than 35 years ago it was the fight of a man against a systen. At all events time goes out - It was a good time."
Guillermo Gaud

"In the sixties when I first saw Pat in THE PRISONER I thought it was an amazing experience and became an instant fan of the man . Now Im seventy and nothing has changed. THE PRISONER was a unique happening and no amount of remakes will ever compare to the original .I plan to make my fourth visit to THE VILLAGE in the spring to commemorate Patricks very sad passing."
Tony Whittle

"When I first saw the black and white Dangerman episodes in the Sixties I thought McGoohan had it all - the cool, the style. I missed seeing The Prisoner first time around but discovered it in the Eighties and was knocked out. Visited Portmeirion for the first time. Read about the man's principles, beliefs and completely uncompromising approach to everything he did. Revisted Dangerman (and Portmeirion) and got into his other work, including I am a Camera, Hell Drivers, All Night Long, Ice Station Zebra , Escape from Alcatraz, Braveheart etc. I feel a real and personal sense of loss for the loss of a true hero that I always expected to be around. Thanks for everything Patrick. Condolences to his family and friends."
Paul & Jennifer Johnstone, Australia

"It's not an exaggeration to say that Patrick McGoohan (the writer, actor, visionary and producer) was an immensely important figure in modern drama. By all accounts he was also a devoted family man and, if you were lucky enough to know him, a loyal friend. I offer heartfelt condolences to his family and friends who must greatly miss him; the man of true integrity behind the enigmatic screen persona.
He unwittingly introduced me to friends I would never otherwise have known, and places I would never have otherwise have seen. A great thing that he did was to show us a new way of looking at TV, film, literature and all artistic media. A window on life in all its multi-interpretational glory. I never cried before when someone I never met died. This was the first time and probably the last. I bet he's up there with David Tomblin, Fearless Frank Maher and all, perhaps downing a small libation and looking forward to all the rebellious fun their work will bring to new generations. What brightness he brought to so many lives. "You must learn to dig beneath the surface... who knows what treasures you may find". Still digging him. I've got Danger Man to rediscover yet!"
Frank Shailes, United Kingdom

"I was stunned to learn that Patrick McGooghan had died. It seemed that he would live forever. I have always felt inspired by him. In my favourite episode of The Prisoner 'A.B.C' he keeps his own mind intact against all odds. As a sufferer of illness that has required me having Electro Convulsive Treatment, I have looked to No6 to set a good example of surviving anything. Thank you Patrick for the whole Prisoner concept; it is so much more than just a TV series. I will never forget you. Rest in Peace."
Deborah Lennon, London, United Kingdom

"When I saw the photo on the homepage at, I thought: "There's Patrick McGoohan! Glad to see his face again!" And then I moved the mouse over the photo and learned that he had died. What a shock! Somehow we feel that someone like him just CAN'T die. And in a sense he never will. I remember being captivated by Danger Man when I was (probaby) not quite a teenager (can't be exactly sure, as I saw it in Hong Kong and series often took their time to get shown there). My elder brother, at university in the USA heavily recommended a series called "Secret Agent". They were, of course, the same series under different titles. Television holds many dangers for those involved, two of which are letting "being a star" go to your head and clinging on to a series long after all its "juice" has been squeezed out of it. Patrick had the integrity and intelligence not to fall into either trap. He gave up Danger Man when the rights had been sold to US television, who wanted to americanise / glamourise the series. And, although the link was never explicit, many of us suspected that that beautifully angry man storming into his boss' office and slamming his resignation down on the desk in the opening credit scenes of The Prisoner was, in fact, John Drake. How could we all fall in love with such an angry, uncompromising person?! But fall in love we did: with No.6 - not the number but the free man - and the series. As many have already written, possibly the best television ever produced. I only saw it once, and that around 40 years ago, but the memory is there, and in all that time I have seen NOTHING to match it. The Prisoner was so popular (and well-LOVED) that many might have been tempted to squeeze a second series out of it. Thank you, Patrick for not going that road. I have in the last few days read a couple of comments: "The series was great but the ending was awful!" I can only wonder what ending they saw. The final episode was a glorious, riotous work of genius - especially the unveiling of No.1. In my own writing, I try to encourage children to always question. And to question the answers they are given. Something No.6 was always doing. What a healthier world this would be if we all followed his example diligently! Forgive me for going on so long, but it's impossible to sum up Patrick McGoohan and his gift to our lives in just a few short words. But turn that on its head: ask me to sum up integrity, multi-talented genius, caring, quality, insight, foresight, VISION, warning, courage, decency, and individuality coupled with a kind interest in others and egalitarianism in just two words, and I give you: Patrick McGoohan. Thank you, Patrick... for all of it."
Jimmy Hollis i Dickson

"Be seeing you."
Jay Philbin

"I was deeply saddened to learn of Patrick McGoohan's death. I admired him greatly as an actor, writer and director. Especially, in his great work "the Prisoner" which certainly changed my outlook on the World, certain aspects of my life and ultimately even the car that I drive."
Black 6

"Such sad news. An icon of both TV and film. I remember watching Danger Man in black and white with my father as a child (I was allowed to watch as there was no sex , violence nor swearing - but it still had a great following) And then came The Prisoner - what more can be said - the greatest , unique TV programme ever made. Patrick McGoohan will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family."
Margaret Davidson

"It's hard to find the words at this time, being so shocked at Patricks death. When the Prisoner was first shown in the sixties, at the age of 18 years old it had a huge influence on me, changing my outlook on life and making me think(A great tool to posses). As the years went on I met likeminded friends who with my family meet each year at Portmeirion, all this was possible through one man's thought and imagination, I thank you Sir. Rest in Peace Patrick."
Bill Colquhoun, United Kingdom

""Everyone is a prisoner of something. You escape when you're released, I suppose, by death. It's the final release, and as to how and where you go and what [happens] thereafter depends on what sort of prisoner you were." (1990 Radio One interview with Simon Bates)
As usual, Patrick said it all. Now he's gone, and there's no filling the void. It's quiet enough for a drum solo."
Valarie Ziegler, United States

"I am very sad to hear the news of Patrick MacGoohan's death. I caught the first run of The Prisoner when I was 10 years old, and it left an indelible impression on me. As young as I was I realised that I was witnessing something quite special when 'Fall Out' was first broadcast, especially when the adults around me started foaming at the mouth in outrage! In subsequent years I have become convinced that my love of the arts developed directly from that never-to-be-forgotten first experience. Thank you for that Patrick. You will be sorely missed not only by your fans, but also by the television industry in general. They still haven't managed to follow your lead 40 years on."
Graham High, United Kingdom

"I first saw The Prisoner in the early eighties and it instantly struck a cord with me, I was only 13/14 at the time - but the programme had a profound effect on me from that day leading me to live my life the way I want, to get married at Portmeirion and spend many happy family holidays there. There has never been a TV series of man like Patrick - you are indeed free now my friend and thanks for everything - you live on in every individual who fights in their everyday life to be an individual and for that "we salute you sir" (Fall Out)."
Chris Dodd, United Kingdom

"Very sad to hear of the huge loss of a truly great man. the world is a lesser place without him. but he has left us a lasting legacy not only of his film and tv work as a fine and thoughtful actor, but his masterpiece , the prisoner, a timeless morality play that will be as relevant for as long as human beings endure. he touched and changed many lives, as he did mine. goodbye mr. mcgoohan. be seeing you."
T. Sharp

"Both my father and my partner have been huge fans. I have known about The Prisoner as long as I have known about TV. I love the fact that the programme transcends the generations - everyone who knows about it loves it and considers it a ground breaker - a show that astonished the people who watched it the first time around, and has equally stunned people since. It was a masterpiece!"
Krista Roberts

"The first time that i saw the prisoner i was so fascinated ,i began to ask many questions about this society and i find many answers ,who is the number one with this tv serie the prisoner ,this tv show the prisoner it is the best in the world ever made in the television show history ,period!!!!!. my condolences for Patrick and his family and don't forget Patrick !!! you are not a number anymore, you are free man!!! ,bigbrother cannot kill the freedom anymore because you have given the real view and the final solution for this world. au revoir Patrick..."
Stephane Remillard, Canada

"We are absolutely devastated to hear the news of Mr. McGoohan's death. He was truly unique both as a personality and a performer. On a more personal note we owe him a huge debt of gratitude because it was a mutual appreciation of his work which brought us together with the many wonderful friends we have made in 'Prisoner' circles over the years. He was truly a legend of the industry, the likes of which we will never see again. May he rest in peace. With the greatest respect and admiration."
Al & Sheena Samujh, United Kingdom

"Words cannot sum up Patrick McGoohan's passing. His inspired so much of our lives. He achieved so much and set an enormous benchmark that few (if any) have equalled. McGoohan was one of the few artists of the 20th Century bold enough to dare! How I wish the contemporaries of today would even try and emulate that. His influence on all our lives is immeasurable, and the outpouring of grief I've witnessed today is a testament to his extraordinary influence. McGoohan was truly a "one-off", and will be remembered as one of the few members of the film
industry that possessed a rare quality; integrity! On a personal level, he gave me Portmeirion, and I doubt that I would have heard about it had it not been for his imaginative use of that location. I dare say over the next few weeks the tributes, both far and wide will start to pour in, but for now it's a time for reflection."
Simon Wells, United Kingdom

"RIP Patrick – your brainchild had a huge impact on me.
I've been hooked on the Prisoner since I saw the Channel 4 re-run in the 1980s. Patrick McGoohan never again made such an impact on screen - and of course he gave up the stage - since the Prisoner as he could and maybe should have done. But perhaps this was the nature of the man, never to compromise his ideals to be a “star”; and without this unwillingness to compromise and his single minded dedication and ambition probably we would never have had the Prisoner. Reading all the tributes from around the globe, makes me realise just how hugely influential the Prisoner - and McGoohan - were and still are on the wider world. It is unlikely any TV show will ever have the impact The Prisoner still does 40 years after its release. While part of it remains rooted in the 60's, many of its themes are even more appropriate in this post 9/11 world."
Phil Lamdin, United Kingdom

"As a teenager in the sixties, there were very few programmes on television that interested me. However, it was a golden period for science fiction and fantasy series and we were spoiled with the innovative and completely original Star Trek and The Prisoner. Star Trek was extremely entertaining and original but when I watched the first episode of The Prisoner I was absolutely stunned by the sheer invention and superb script. The series stood on the shoulders of one man and he carried it magnificently from start to finish. Each week I would wait for the next episode with the excitement I used to reserve for the new release of a Beatles or Stones single in the early sixties.Time went by and my nostalgia for this epic series was rekindled when a friend persuaded me to join the Sixofone Prisoner Appreciation Society in the early nineties. We took our two families for a long weekend at Portmeirion for several years and made our final appearance in 1996. Although we never dressed as characters we fully absorbed the incredible enthusiasm many people still have for Patrick and his incredible series. Very few people have the ability to change lives through their sheer charisma and Patrick had this ability in abundance. Along with Clint Eastwood and Marlon Brando he stands out as a true individual in an ever shrinking world. I was extremely saddened to hear the news of Patrick's passing and I am already looking forward to taking my wife to Portmeirion's hotel for an even more nostalgic visit in the near future. Please accept my most sincere condolences to the great man's family."
Robert Simpson, United Kingdom

""From the cradle to the grave" Patrick Mcgoohan One of the all time greats, from Hell Drivers to The Simpsons he will surely be missed by so many. Condolences to Patrick's family and friends, may he rest in peace. Although The Prisoner remains my all time favourite, Thank you Patrick for over 40 years of entertainment."
Pete Smithson, United Kingdom

"God speed. ‘You’ll never know…’"
Stuart, United Kingdom

"Another of the good guys is taken from us. It was a real sad piece of news to hear at breakfast time today. An inspirational actor. Be seeing you."
Garry Whiting, United Kingdom

"How can I top the tributes that have already been paid? I will sit down and watch 'Arrival' this evening with my fiancee, Carol, who without Patrick making the series I would have never met in the summer of 1998. Thank you Patrick."
Simon Morley & Carol Windmill, United Kingdom

"If ever there was an actor who truly captivated his fans, it was Patrick McGoohan. As an artist, he displayed great professionalism, talent and above all originality. Apart from being an actor, he was also a producer, scriptwriter, director and to some extent a musician. With great success, he demonstrated all of these skills in a diversity of TV and movie genres, spanning from classic drama to high tech spy stories. Impressed by this volume of proficiency, his long time friend and collegue Peter Falck once said: ”Look up for this guy”. Even the magnificent Orson Welles once felt ”Intimidated...and impressed by his presence”. If these compliments aren´t enough, he received two Emmys and one BAFTA award to merit his genius. We had the first brush of McGoohans universe back in 1969-1970, when ”The Prisoner” was aired on Swedish and Danish television. Even though almost a quarter of a century should pass before seing it again, scenes, images, persons and whole dialogues had imprinted itself on our minds and set them boggling. Little did we know that 40 years on, 21´st century technology would give access to a whole new world of fellow followers to share views and impressions of this classic. Thus Patrick managed to bring people together from all over the world. The whole world can now be experienced in every little village – he has brought the Village into the world. Patrick wasn´t one to wallow in the limelight his succes brought him. Always modest, he was a no -cliché person. Every word he spoke at his infrequent interviews was well chosen and had a meaning. Though raised to cult status by his admirers, who savored and analyzed every word, he shook off the often very intense attention with that charachteristic wry smile and enigmatic look that was part of his hallmark. Though sometimes almost embarrased by the attention given to his 17 episode brainchild, he nonetheless stood by it, even offering interpretations to the numerous riddles and questions it raised. When Swedish televison aired a rerun of selected ”Dangerman” episodes in 1979, Patrick McGoohan was presented as ”a devout believer in religion and democracy...having been a keen supporter of the late President John F. Kennedy”. Patrick was thus more than just your everyday actor. He stood his ground to stay a person. Through the turmoils of fame, for better or for worse, he fought to make his integrity survive, ”intact and secure”. Patrick McGoohan was indeed more than just a social security number – he was a person. He was one for us all. Our thoughts reach out to his family, friends and colleagues at this moment of monumental loss. Be seeing you."
Ewa and Dennis Enderleit – Denmark.

"I was only discussing the immensity of Patrick's performance in Ibsen's Brand with a colleague yesterday, totally unaware of the sudden demise of the great man. The Prisoner will continue to be his greatest legacy for many years to come. We all owe him a huge debt of gratitude."
John & Kathy Sweet, United Kingdom

"At the age of around 5 or 6 I vaguely remember certain images on TV of The Prisoner on its initial release, most particularly Rover and the Dem Bones sequence from Fall Out. My first visit to Portmeirion was in the early 70s and when it was shown again on ATV and Granada in 1976 and I use to record episodes on a small cassette player. I still have these recordings and the videos of the re-screening on Channel 4 from 83-84. This remarkable TV series has always been a part of my life and subsequent visits to Portmeirion always excite and fascinate me with the beauty of the place. Thankyou Patrick McGoohan for giving us possibly the greatest TV series ever-definitely one of the most enigmatic and individual. RIP-Be Seeing You."
Chris Nash, United Kingdom

"Until I watched the Channel 4 screening of The Prisoner in the mid-eighties in the UK, TV was something I used to 'lunch out' in front of. A vehicle for wasting a few hours of my life here and there. Imagine my surprise, then, after watching the first episode of The Prisoner. WOW! Someone had made something for the medium of television that made my imagination run riot with itself. So I set about finding as much as I could about this wonderful, surreal piece of magic called The Prisoner, and discovering what I could about the man who had dreamt it all up. And so began the life long love affair I now have with both the show, and the amazing man responsible for it. If he has taught me one thing, it is not to be a number, and to cherish my individuality. For that, I cannot thank him enough. As regards his passing, well, words fail me...and I'm sure it has all been said on these pages by other fans anyway. In a word, gutted. RIP, Patrick McGoohan."
Lee, United Kingdom

"Very sad - a most inspirational man on so many levels encompassing creativity, the arts, film, music, the sciences, rebellion against what is commonly accepted in society and just pure good old entertainment - a fine contributor to our culture spanning several generations, and his legacy will endure."
Carmel Morris, Australia

"Patrick McGoohan was an original, and often underrated, talent. The news is all the more sad as I understand that he had recently signed with a new agent and that there were one or two potentially promising acting roles in the pipeline which would have seen him return to the big screen after rather a long absence. Anyway, he has most certainly left his mark via an eclectic body of work - quite apart from The Prisoner - and I wish his family and friends well as they come to terms with their loss."
David M Thompson, United Kindom

"Words alone cannot describe the man, nor how drastically his work has influenced my life. While his passing is heartbreaking beyond ken, my life is so much richer for his presence in it, and I shall always remember him in that light. Be seeing you..."
Jamie Ashby, United States

"Terribly sad to hear this news, a true genius of the movie/TV world. I'm really shocked, Patrick's passing is truly a big loss. Rest in peace, Mr. McGoohan."
Daniel Banasiak, Poland

"If you watch television and think, why is this programme insulting my intelligence? If you listen to the news and think, how do they get away with that? If you reflect on the whole mad, suffocating modern world and think, why do we put up with this? then through The Prisoner Patrick McGoohan continues to speak for you, to rage and storm, to demand; he refuses to sell out or accept: “I will not make any deals with you. I have resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed…” McGoohan devised The Prisoner at the height of his powers and popularity. He took a huge gamble and never escaped the consequences. Those who speak out, take a stand or make a statement often end up paying a high price. McGoohan was no exception. So now in death we should honour him for the whole raft of his life and achievements. If you want to remember him, go and watch an episode of Danger Man, enjoy it, and ask: why is there no mindless sex or violence in this?"
Gareth Thomas, London

"A very sad day today , in my eyes Patrick Mcgoohan was and always will be Number 1 Rest in Peace. "Be seeing you "."
Adrian, United Kingdom

"I first met Patrick in 1972 and i found him a wonderful person with his gracious wit and charm. God rest and keep you in His Arms."

"I am so sad that Patrick McGoohan is now gone. I would have loved to have met him, just to be in his presence would have been enough. He will always be No.6 to me, that is the role I loved him in. From the very bottom of my heart I want to say thank you to a very great actor. He has been around in my life ever since the erly 60's. He will never grow old in my eyes though. I still see him as The Prisoner, alive and vibrant with a mind of his own. Goodbye and God bless you."
Janet Davis, United Kingdom

"I discovered the Prisoner in the 80's in France, after moving to England to finish my education I discovered The Prisoner all over again in VO and dedicated my final dissertation at university to it's dystopian theme. The Prisoner is a TV show first but his subtext (and what people take from it) has reassured me that I am not the only one that does want to conform to a certain society and I would like to thank Patrick McGoohan for making it. Patrick you are now a free man..."
Christophe Taddei, France

"Everyone will miss you Pat and the world is a sadder and less cool place today. We all hail McGoohan as that rareest of creatures. He really was that special someone we won't see the like of again for an awfully long time. Genius...visionary...iconic....intuitive....brilliant...uber-cool....the list goes on and on."
Mark, The Contessa & the rest of DC Fontana.

"It was with great sadness that I heard this morning of the passing of a true actor/family man/visionary Mr. Patrick McGoohan, who I have watched and admired from his days as agent John Drake in Danger Man. His curt to the point manner and his attempts to move all of his roles into a different realm have always been a delight to watch, I recently watched the new Prisoner Box set and really relished what this series meant to Patrick, and what it took out of him to create and execute what we now know was a piece of television history that will remain iconic. The fan support on this site is testament to how much an impact he had on his avid fans and on the broadcast landscape he so challenged and made his own. I am sure he is already shaking up things wherever he has landed , rest in peace Patrick and BCNU."
Steve Lambert

"What an amazing tv series Patrick McGoohan gave us. The Prisoner had the usual elements of action and intrigue that many ITC shows had of that era but it also tapped into something else. Here was a series that exposed the nonsense of our society, its social control and peer pressure, and it did it with stylish allegory and sharp satire. Most importantly it made us proud to be individuals, to question things and not to accept the establishment at face value. The Prisoner has a special meaning to me beyond its entertainment value. Through an interest in the series over the years I met new friends, two girlfriends, (not at the same time) and have had many enjoyable holidays in the location used for the series, Portmeirion in North Wales. None of which would have happened had I not watched The Prisoner in 1967 and its subsequent repeats. And The Prisoner would not have happened without Patrick McGoohan, its driving force, giving it its distinct vision. Patrick McGoohan, multi-talented performer and a powerful screen presence. Thank you. Rest in Peace."
Lew Stringer, United Kingdom

Seldom has an actor attracted as much critical acclaim and deep interest as Patrick McGoohan. He was a truly enigmatic individual who seemingly posed as many questions as he answered. Looking back on his career in the widest sense he appears to have been a charismatic man who made a couple of 'spy' television shows in the 60's. A man who starred in rather than took the leading role in a number of films and someone who gained acclaim from his peers for his later TV work in the United States. But this in no way explains why he was so entertaining, so thought provoking and so memorable. In fact, despite the fact that he clearly worked in show business the word 'entertaining' seems somehow inappropriate. We have to replace it with another more pertinent adjective. He was quite simply inspirational. Patrick MaGoohan's masterwork 'The Prisoner' was (and still is) truly inspirational. It is right to describe this show as both bold and daring, innovative and above all endlessly fascinating. This television programme says so much about the man. To devise it took someone of independent thought with a fierce imagination and, frankly, balls of steel. In making this show he demonstrated his extraordinary drive and single-mindedness. Above all the subject matter of 'The Prisoner' relates to each and every one of us and it has been our inability to ignore or look away from what it indicates that has ensured its extraordinarily durability. On hearing of his death I first felt sorry that he had not received the correct recognition for his work but I see now that this was incorrect. He has in fact become a solid feature in the landscape of people's minds. This is due not only to the favourable memories inspired by his work but also by the seemingly endless and continuing stream of discussions, publications, broadcasts and fine websites such as The Unmutual. This is a man whose death, unlike most of his contemporaries, was broadcast on national news. This is a man whose best work was still being transmitted on the day of his death. This is a man who still inspires people to make yearly pilgrimages to a remote corner of North Wales to remember something that happened 40 years ago and have a great time. And that's pretty damn impressive by anyone's standards. There's no doubt he felt the same. So it's terrible news that Patrick has died but it is fortunate that we have so much to remember him by. Long may his work and memory continue."
Simon Wass

"Goodbye Mr McGoohan. You were a one-off human being, a huge inspiration to me, and a great actor who was immensely under appreciated. I have also met so many wonderful people, and been to many fascinating places, all because of you. Of course I will always love The Prisoner - it is so iconic - but I will always best remember you as John Connor in The Hard Way. Only you could make me cry for a hitman! Such is the power of your presence. My thoughts are with your wife and family at this sad time. I will raise a glass to you when I stay at Portmeirion, a week before your birthday and mine! May the road rise with you."
Carol and Steve Brady, United Kingdom

Number Six - the iconoclast, the rebel, the individual. We connected with The Prisoner because we knew Number Six was us. McGoohan made a television programme that went beyond its small screen confines and created a work of art. He will never be forgotten."
Stephen Preston, United Kingdom

"I was saddened to hear of the death of Patrick McGoohan yesterday and join his many other admirers in offering my heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends. The Prisoner, with which his name will be eternally linked, was one of the most inspiring and genuinely ground-breaking examples of film-making ever produced. It stands almost alone as an example of how sheer hard work and single-minded determination can produce an enduring piece of art that steps outside of the formulaic medium of television. Although the series was the result of an extremely talented team of performers and technicians, Patrick McGooghan was the vital ingrediant, the spark and driving force that raised the bar forever on what was viewed as a somewhat standardised mode of entertainment. Barriers were cast aside and all manner of rules were trampled into the ground in order to create a thing of lasting beauty and importance. It is fair to say that the core episodes of this series represent the absolute pinnacle of television entertainment and, even today, set the standard by which any new programme will be judged: an astonishing feat for a series that was made more than forty years ago. Patrick McGoogan's performance in the series was truly awe-inspiring. One could almost say that he was not in fact acting but was living the role and in view of his involvement in so many aspects of the series from writing, directing and producing he indeed was living the role. The Prisoner became something of a personal crusade, a period of creative intensity that occurs perhaps once in a lifetime for a few lucky individuals. Unfortunately it perhaps as a result overshadowed the rest of his career, but he can rest assured that it was more than enough to ensure that he will not be forgotten. Farewell Patrick and many thanks for the exhilarating, inspiring and genuinely life-changing body of work. I met a lot of great friends as a result of The Prisoner television series and it has also helped me to realise that it is possible to break away, move out of the comfort zone and achieve things that are truly worthwhile. Be seeing you."
Dave Healey, United Kingdom

"Words cannot describe the void that has been created by the passing of this great actor. Those of us who have followed his career and delved into the depths of The Prisoner now share a collective emptiness. For Prisoner fans, he was an enigma…never there, and yet always there. I for one shall never forget the years of pleasure, many priceless friendships, and fantastic travel to the UK and Portmeirion all because of the creative genius of Patrick McGoohan. My life has been enriched. The Prisoner and his memory will live on."
Jean Orcutt, United States

"Rest in peace, Sir. The world is a poorer place without you."
Ingrid Augustin, Austria

"To say that Patrick McGoohan changed my life sounds like a rather sweeping statement but it is true.
In 1984 Channel 4 were showing The Prisoner for the first time and I was 16. I had to watch it in black and white in the kitchen because my dad said he couldn't sit through 'all that stuff again.' I got the feeling that there was some strange trauma attached to this programme. I was right! I watched every episode with growing astonishment as it twisted and turned, becoming more bizarre as it progressed. I thought it was the best TV series ever made and I still think I was probably right. Life changing? Well it certainly opened up my mind to ideas which I'd never considered before but more importantly, if not for The Prisoner I wouldn't have visited Portmeirion. I still return regularly and the people I've met there over the years are the best people there are. I fell in love there and now have two wonderful children. Patrick McGoohan will forever be remembered as the man who stated that he wouldn't be 'pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered' and his remarkable TV series will always be there for people to discover."
Adrian Hudson, United Kingdom

"A sad day, a great Actor with a brilliant idea for a TV programme that even after 45 years is still so watchable."
Frank Gadd

"I am still in a daze from the news of Patrick's death and even though I never had the privilege of meeting him feel a profound sense of loss. Like many people the Prisoner had a major influence on me and McGoohan's individuality was an inspiration. It's interesting to note that the story was not covered on major news networks this morning and instead relegated to teletext but given our celebrity obsessed society ( which passes for talent these days) I should think that is exactly what Patrick McGoohan would have wanted. An absolutely top man..."
Neil Jones, United Kingdom

"It was with great sadness I read of the death of Patrick McGoohan last night. McGoohan was a true visionary & The Prisoner has become one of television history’s most definitive works. A man of high moral values who turned his back on fame & celebrity to become as enigmatic as his creation number Six. My sincere condolences to his family & friends."
Bryan Jones, United Kingdom

"I am so deeply saddened to hear of your passing, rest in peace. Thank you for the Prisoner, and thank you for your example. You are greatly missed."
Chris Eales, United Kingdom

"He did more than make a TV series, he genuinely foresaw a world where people are reduced to numbers, the individual is increasingly at odds with the state, and everyone is watched. RIP and thanks for the trip, Dad.
Steve Dix, Germany

Very sorry to hear about Patrick McGoohan’s death. I am 55 and the Prisoner Series left a permanent mark on me that I have carried to this very day. It’s no use quoting all the superbatives in an attempt to quantify this very unique series. The New World Order is almost upon us, and with the same outwardly friendly yet deceitfully corrupt and controlling manner depicted in the series. No remake will ever beat the original series."
Tony Schubmehl

"Patrick McGoohan - along with perhaps only Dennis Potter and Nigel Kneale - was one of the few who managed to understand and harness television's potential when it was at its absolute peak. Rightly so, 'The Prisoner' sank into the nation's psyche and has remained ever since, passed from generation to generation and from friend to friend as something absolutely extraordinary. To you Patrick, with my deepest thanks. My thoughts are with your friends and family."
Peter Whitehead, United Kingdom

"So you escaped at last Patrick! My thanks to you, and your family, for ALL the wonderful things that you have done over the years, but I can never grow tired of watching The Prisoner. Finally you can say "I am a free man!" and go to your intended destination. Godspeed."
Rob Bowles, United Kingdom

"What Sad News, I consider myself a “late Starter” in Prisoner fandom, I discovered the Prisoner when I fell in love with the beautiful village of Portmeirion, aged 30 in 2003. Patrick McGoohan and Clough Willaims-Ellis (creator of Portmeirion) were an excellent match – both Genius’s, both men with immense vision. God Bless you Patrick, what a wonderful legacy you have left behind. Rest in Peace."
Lee Arnall, United Kingdom

"They are not long the days of wine and roses. Great actor great mind."
Harry Waite

"Born in the year The Prisoner went out. Discovered the series through an interest in all things sixties as a teenager, remembering I'd seen Patrick in various things throughout childhood (Disney films, TV Movies etc) and became a fan. Joined the society and later resigned, like so many others, in a bizarre homage to our hero! When I became unexpectedly single again, watched the 17 episodes on a loop until I was ready to face the world! 7 years ago I introduced Jayne to all things Prisoner, when we met - we've since taken our children to Portmeirion, Village dress and all- and felt a spirit there. Felt that spirit again on this sad day. Be seeing you."
Dean and Jayne

"Sorry to hear of the passing of Patrick McGoohan, it was thanks to him and his innovative and brilliant series The Prisoner that i made new friends and attended some excellent conventions in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. He will be missed. He will now finally meet number 1."
Geoff Simms, United Kingdom

"This is very sad. I connected with the Prisoner series so strongly as a 15 year old boy in 1983/4 when it as re-shown on channel 4. Patrick McGoohan's performance in it was, for me, heroic. I was gutted and felt a loss when the series ended. I feel the same loss today. Rest in peace Mr. McGoohan."
Richard Williams, United Kingdom

"I am devastated to hear the sad news,thankyou for the prisoner, it shaped me into the person that I am today and thankyou for introducing me to Portmerion where I go every year, condolences to Patrick's family and friends, may he rest in peace. Hopefully in a long time....."be seeing you".
Dave Dickinson, United Kingdom

"Now you are truly free. Time to rest now."
Daniel Eckert, Canada

"It is with such shock that I write these words, knowing that Patrick McGoohan is longer with us. I first saw THE PRISONER in 1990, and the show has influenced my life greatly over the last two decades. It taught me a different way to view society and the individual's role within it. It also transformed my expectations of television, and showed what the medium is capable of -- but rarely seems to achieve. For myself, and countless other fans whose lives have been made richer by THE PRISONER (and by the rest of his career), we have Patrick McGoohan to thank for so much. We will always admire his commanding voice and unforgettable screen presence; and will forever be in awe of his 17-episode masterpiece."
Tom Mayer, United States

"Thanks for everything, dear Mentor. Be seeing you."
Mack Hall, United States

"Considering I was only 1 when The Prisoner began filming and didn't get to see the series until Channel 4's 1984 screenings, this show, the character of Number 6 and Patrick as an actor has always intrigued me. I can never seem to have enough in-for-mation on the show, its concept and affect on the viewing world following its many screenings. Patrick has now left a void that can never be filled. By Number 12 nor any Schizoid Man. May he rest in peace and may he always stay in our hearts. Condolences to his family and to those who knew him personally."
Carty, Netherlands

"Hard to think, off-hand, of an actor and writer who has exerted such a deep creative influence over me. Whenever I set pen to paper I find myself referring back to themes that I was introduced to through his work. I know I shall continue to do so. He took a genre notorious for its shallowness, political naivete, and amorality (spy thriller), and made the most daring, cutting, profound, and insightful program ever transmitted (and still influential, as we are reminded every time we see an episode of "Lost"). No doubt it will stand as his main legacy, and I only hope I can leave one half as good ...Thank you, wherever you are, for opening my mind, inspiring my creativity, and making the "sermon" so entertaining (A very rare gift indeed)."
Anthony Burns

"A sad day, a man ahead of his time; a TV visionary, he will be missed. A minutes applause...."
Peter J Allred, United Kingdom.

"Sad news, indeed; my sincere thoughts go to Patrick's family and friends. I am just glad to know if was a short illness, not a lingering one. The legacy of his work, and especially The Prisoner, will live on."
Shirley Jacobs

"So very sad to hear the news of Patrick McGoohan's passing. As well as a marvellous career in television and film, McGoohan, of course, gave us The Prisoner. To say that the series was life-changing for many is no exaggeration, especially those reading the tributes here, I imagine. I've lived with The Prisoner for over forty years. It has shaped some of what I am, given me many friends and introduced me to Portmeirion, a place I love to stay each year. So, thank you Patrick McGoohan for your gift to us all. I should like to extend my sincere condolences to Mr. McGoohan's family, friends and fans."
Alan Jones, United Kingdom.

"A deeply religious and moral man who is now with his maker. God bless and comfort his family."
Stella Tratt, United Kingdom

"I simply can't believe it, how can we put into words what this great man contributed to entertainment? Patrick Joseph McGoohan was a great gentleman with a terrific set of morals and a wicked sense of humour. I love the fact that no one ever knew the 'real' man, he will remain an enigma and he will continue to live on in our hearts. I will greatly miss him and my deepest sympathies go to his family. He lived life to the full and was not afraid to push boundaries, above all he remained an individual and modern society could learn a great deal from him. Here's to the one and only Pat McGoohan! Rest In Peace Sir!"
Alison Bett, United Kingdom

"Very, very sad news today. I first encountered The Prisoner when it was screened while I was at university in the early 1990s and, like many people, it had a profound effect on me. Despite being a fantastic programme in its own right, it also helped to teach me to think for myself and for that I will be forever grateful. Patrick, thank you for the joy and inspiration that you gave to so many people. A unique individual that will be greatly missed and whose passing will be greatly mourned. Rest in Peace and thank you so much."
Jim Wanstall, United Kingdom.

"Come in, Number 6, your time is up... God bless you Pat, and thank-you for TV's greatest moment, "The Prisoner." I feel like I've lost a mentor and a friend. No understatement, The Prisoner changed my life."
Kieron McAleer, United Kingdom

"Patrick Mcgoohan is possibly one of the greatest actors I have ever seen if not the greatest. His first scene in Escape From Alcatraz is stunning. What an awesome, amazing man, what an inspiration. Thanks Patrick."
Rob Grace

"We mourn the passing of a true Visionary. "unusual foresight and imagination"...that says it all about Patrick.

Main Entry: Visionary. Function: noun. Inflected Form(s): plural visionar·ies. Date: 1702. One having unusual foresight and imagination."
Paul Hodges

"I just learned of the sad passing away of Patrick McGoohan in mid January. I am sorry and wish to send you all @ The Unmutual my condolences."
Teresa C, Italy

"I am sad to hear of the passing of Patrick McGoohan. This site and its tributes are quite touching."
Pat Powers, USA

"UPI JULY 25,1966 "John Drake of 'Secret Agent' is gone" (Patrick McGoohan).....John Drake maybe gone but Patrick McGoohan is truly an immortal soul. Thank you for everything Patrick. RIP."
Kevin Ryerson, USA

"I was a fan of Patrick McGoohan in the early 1960's, from watching Thomasina and Dr. Syn and, a little later, Secret Agent. When The Prisoner was announced, I was thrilled. His career since then was magnificent and I saw every performance I could. He never disappointed. But it was The Prisoner that touched my life with depth and permanence. Whether in (Catholic) catechism class or school or home or on television, I was always being told what to believe, what to think, what to do, what to buy, and so on. The key to a successful life was to obey, to conform, not to reflect too much, not to disagree. In The Prisoner, McGoohan challenged all of that. He showed us a way to look at the world, to ask "why", to question the status quo. And he did it in a way that was more thoughtful and more intelligent than the 1960's rebellion that was so pervasive in those days, and also more challenging and more compassionate than the reactionary "establishment", as we called it in those days. As a corollary to that, he also showed us that sometimes you have to stand alone and not fear independence or even isolation, if that's what it takes to stick up for your principles. Patrick McGoohan was a solid moral influence and also the greatest teacher I ever had. He made a difference in my life and I will always be grateful. God's blessings to his wife and family."
Jan Tzinski, USA


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