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Big Finish, best known for their extensive range of "Doctor Who" audio dramas, are now producing original "Prisoner" audio dramas, with series one released to much acclaim in 2015. Click HERE to read all the news regarding the series.

Nick Briggs, has been kind enough to spare some time on several occasions to give a few more details regarding his plans for the series. Click HERE to read all his previous interviews regarding series 1 of the audio dramas.

Nick's interviews regarding series 2 are reproduced below.

TUW: It was with interest that we saw news that the second series of The Prisoner from Big Finish will now be available for the 50th anniversary in 2017, rather than 2016. When exactly can we expect series two?

NB: Well, originally, we were going to release Volume 2 in January 2017. When my workload made it clear I wasn’t going to make that, we thought of delaying it until about March. But I was keen that we would be celebrating the 29th September 2017 50th anniversary, so we thought it best to delay until August. And because of my delay in writing, the availability of our leading actor became a factor too. Still, it’s all my fault. So, August 2017 is the release month. It’ll give listeners time to purchase and have it ready for the anniversary.

TUW: I believe you can now confirm some episode titles for us?

NB: Yes indeed. Here’s the exclusive news on that front. The first one of Volume 2 is entitled I Met a Man Today — it’s a very loose adaptation of Many Happy Returns. Very different from the original. The second episode is called Project Six and is a very, very re-imagined adaptation of A, B and C. The third episode is entitled Hammer into Anvil and is, perhaps not surprisingly, an adaptation of the original TV series episode of that same name — again, quite a departure from the original, though. The fourth episode is entitled Living in Harmony, but has nothing whatsoever to do with the original TV episode of that title. It’s a completely different story, but the title fitted, and I just couldn’t resist. It’s in the nature of The Prisoner to play with expectations, I feel. Anyway, there you are. All storylines are approved by ITV, and I’m writing scripts almost as we speak — except, of course, I had to stop to answer these questions!

TUW: There were some really interesting new ideas in the first series, especially in Your Beautiful Village, can we expect anything as 'totally new' as that in the new series?

NB: Yes, you can. The overwhelming comment from all those who loved the first series is that they want more ‘totally new’ things. That’s one of the reasons why even my adaptations this time are virtually unrecognisable from the originals, in many ways.

TUW: Are you finding the process of writing for The Prisoner easier as you go along, as you get used to writing for the characters and scenarios, or more difficult?

NB: I’m not sure it’s easier. But I had a real blast writing it last time and I’m really enjoying going further with it. Jamie Anderson, my script editor, said that every time he read each storyline for this new series, he felt like he was having some sort of nervous breakdown — they’re apparently that weird and disturbing.

TUW: What else have Big Finish been up to lately?

NB: That question is so enormous. Loads of stuff. Best limit it to what I’ve been working on. I’ve been doing music for Survivors, based on the 1975 Terry Nation post-pandemic series. Also, I’ve been composing music for The New Counter Measures, our series original set in the 1960s with the troubleshooting team from Remembrance of the Daleks. It’s now a decade later, so I’ve been doing lots of fun 1970s synth and electric piano and guitar stuff. I’ve also been working on directing some Tom Baker stories. We’ve also formulated plans for some great Big Finish anniversaries. 2018 is our 20th anniversary and 2019 is our 20th anniversary for Big Finish Doctor Who. Lots of exciting stuff coming up!



TUW: How have the recordings been coming along for season 2?

NB: It’s all been going really well. I feel sad saying it, but I do keep saying it… These have been three of the happiest days of my life. Such great performances with great actors. And I’m particularly gratified that none of them have complained about how utterly bonkers the scripts all seems to be. My script editor, Jamie Anderson, said he felt like he was having a stroke when reading them. I’ve gone for the full, mind-bending ‘60s feel! But yes, three of the four episodes are now ‘in the can’ and post-production work by Iain Meadows — the genius who worked on the first series! — is underway.

TUW: In our previous chats, you've announced the episodes for series 2, how have you found adapting 'AB&C', 'Many Happy Returns' and 'Hammer Into Anvil' for audio? Especially given the first third of the original of 'MHR' doesn't have any dialogue!

NB: These episodes are so embedded in my psyche, and I’ve watched them over and over again since 1977… and more recently too! I bought The Prisoner on itunes, so I can access it any time I need to — on a train, in a car… wherever! So I swap between studying the original intently for some sequences and running free with it from memory. All of them sort of turn the original episodes on their heads in some way. But they retain the central themes. In my version of Many Happy Returns, Six has still escaped from the Village — but his relationship with Mrs Butterworth is very different… and she’s very different. A, B & C now relates far more to the ‘continuity’ of the story that I established in the first box set. And Hammer Into Anvil gives a much more concrete reason for Number Two’s paranoia. I’ll say no more on those.

TUW: Anything you can tell us about your 'all new episode’?

NB: I haven’t finished the script for Living In Harmony — which only has the same title as the original episode. It doesn’t resemble it in any other way. I thought that would be fun. The title fits so perfectly for the episode I have in mind. It’s a bit ‘out of this world’.

The Unmutual Website would like to thank Nick very much for sparing the time to share his thoughts regarding the exciting new series. Keep an eye on the main news page for updates and developments as soon as they are announced.

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