Big Finish Productions, best known for their highly regarded and highly polished "Doctor Who" audio dramas, have been granted the licence to produce official "Prisoner" audio dramas.

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** Nicholas Briggs has announced that a second series of 'The Prisoner' by BIG FINISH will be released in August 2017.

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The cover art for the long-awaited second series of Big Finish's re-imaging of 'The Prisoner' as an audio drama series has been released.

Four episodes make up the second series, each written by producer and director Nicholas Briggs, and as with the previous series they come highly recommended by The Unmutual Website.

Episode 1 of series 2 is entitled 'I Met a Man Today' and is a re-imagining of 'Many Happy Returns', and beautifully written and performed.

Episodes two and three are loosely based on 'A. B. and C.' and 'Hammer Into Anvil' and feature some great, and returning, characters and delve deep into the darkest areas of Number Sox's mind (as well as exploring further the themes of paranoia and so forth which Briggs looked at in the first series).

As for episode 4, 'Living in Harmony', it's out of this world!

A full review of series 2 is online HERE. Click HERE to read more about both series, including a special report from studio recordings, interviews with Nick Briggs and the cast, and much more.

With thanks to Nick Briggs / Big Finish for the cover image and news.





Released in January 2016 the audio series has not only a new score but also is written and directed by Big Finish’s co-executive producer, Nicholas Briggs. The audio set is available to buy from the Big Finish Website HERE.

The Unmutual Website is delighted to announce that executive producer and writer of the dramas, Nick Briggs, has been kind enough to spare some time on several occasions to give a few more details regarding the series.

Click HERE to read the full interviews with Nick, and HERE to discuss the project on TUW's Facebook page.

The four-part series kicks off with "Departure and Arrival", based on "Arrival", an entirely new episode called "Your Beautiful Village", and re-workings of the original TV episodes "The Chimes of Big Ben" and "Schizoid Man".

September 29th 2015 not only marked the 48th anniversary of the first UK screening of 'The Prisoner', but also the launch of the official audio trailer for the series CD box set. Artwork (above) showing some cast members was also released.

Click HERE to read Nick's interviews, click HERE to listen to the trailer, and HERE for the new theme music.

October 13th 2015 saw the official casting announcement!

The cast is as follows:

Number Six - Mark Elstob
Number Two - Sir John Standing, Celia Imrie, Ramon Tikaram, Michael Cochrane
Number Nine - Sara Powell
Number Eight - Kristina Buikaite
Number Seventeen - Jez Fielder
Village Voice - Helen Goldwyn
Butler - Barnaby Edwards
Zero-Six-Two - Sara Mowatt
Control - Jim Barclay

Packaging images have also been released, as follows, along with a second audio trailer HERE.

On 24th December 2015, Big Finish treated us all to an early Christmas present with a FREE 30-minute excerpt of the first episode, 'Departure and Arrival' - click HERE to listen! And in January 2016 a series of short behind the scenes videos on Facebook.

The CD set comes highly recommended by The Unmutual, click HERE for a full review.


Producer/Writer Nick Briggs; "My intention is to make something great that will entertain and engage fans of the original as well as people who are new to it."

Mark Elstob (Number Six); "It's like a dream come true!"

Nick Briggs on Mark Elstob; "I decided I didn't want a famous actor, I wanted the best actor!"

Celia Imrie (left, the New Number Two); "I remember watching the original series at the time... very spooky!"

Sara Powell (Number Nine); "I want to know what he was resigning from!"

Jez Fielder (Number Seventeen); "I'm a big fan of the series!"

Helen Goldwyn (Village Voice); "I'd not seen the series... but I know Fenella Fielding's work very well!"

Photos on this page (c) Rick Davy or Big Finish, not to be reproduced without permission.

Come back soon for full photo report and interviews. The Unmutual Website would like to thank Nick and all the cast and crew very much for sparing the time to share his thoughts regarding the exciting new series. Keep an eye on the main news page for updates and developments as soon as they are announced, and read Nick's full interview HERE.

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