"Really, Sir? I thought it was first class!"
Shopkeeper, "Hammer Into Anvil".

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        Who Is Number One?
The Prisoner - COMPLETE book list! Patrick McGoohan - Complete Screen Appearance DVD, Blu Ray, and Video availability list A Celebration of ITC 2
    Prisoner Fan Films - A Complete Guide A Celebration of ITC
Wandering Planet Prisoner Figures     October 2018 events weekend
Unity (Novel) Callan Audio Series 2   The Eternal Village Seattle Convention
 The Prisoner Dusted Down  Big Finish Audio Series 3 Not a Number - A Patrick McGoohan Retrospective
 The Prisoner Interrogations 2  Big Finish Audio Series 2 Fifty Years of The Prisoner
Titan Original Art Edition The Prisoner 50th Anniversary Box Set 'Fall In' - The Prisoner at 50
The Uncertainty Machine 3 (Titan Comic) In My Mind PrisonerCon2017 (Seattle)
The Uncertainty Machine 1 (Titan Comic)
Coronet Blue September 2017 London location tours
The Prisoner - The Essential Guide Callan Audio Series September 2016 Location Tour Weekend
Cutting Edge (Autobiography) Scanners Big Finish Recording Session
Borderliners - True Realities (Graphic Novel) Hell Drivers October 2015 Prisoner Location Tours
Everyman (Graphic Novel) All Night Long The Dam Busters 60th Anniversary
Fear in the Sunlight (Novel set in Portmeirion) Big Finish - Audio Series 1 May 2015 Prisoner Event Weekend
George Markstein and The Prisoner Catch My Soul    Caterham Showroom Opening
Portmeirion Pre-war Red Reflections Riverrun Film Festival 2014
Unique But Similar: The Prisoner Compared The Moonshine War October 2013 Location Tours
The Prisoner Interrogations The Hard Way BFI Patrick McGoohan Season
Not a Number: Patrick McGoohan, A Life Dr Syn   Elstree Heritage Tour
Who's Who of The Prisoner  Network DVD Prisoner set    Magic Number Six
Portmeirion on Film and TV "Portmeirion" DVD October 2012 Prisoner Weekend
Portmeirion (Gerry/Llywelyn) On Show: Portmeirion October 2011 Location Tours
Danger Man or Prisoner? Brand Everyman in Chester
Miss Freedom (Novel) Prisoner of Sex Everyman
Puzzling Portmeirion Ice Station Zebra April 2009 Prisoner Weekend
Wiffle Lever to Full Columbo - Last Salute to the Commodore October 2008 Location tours
The Bond Code     PM2008
Fall Out     April 2008 Prisoner Weekend
Action TV, Vol 2 Issue 1     October 2007 London Group 20th Birthday
On the Trail of The Prisoner     October 2007 Prisoner Locations Tour
Cult TV: The Golden Age of ITC     Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
The Prisoner: The Original Scripts Volume 2     Earl Cameron 90th Birthday
Action TV Magazine     PM2007
The Danger Man Collection     May Prisoner Weekend
The Prisoner: The Original Scripts Volume 1     Simon Wells Live at The 100 Club
Octane Magazine - Special Photo Report     October 2006 Prisoner Locations Tour
The Prisoner Series Guide     Portmeirion book launch and gazebo unveiling
The Prisoner's Dilemma (Novel)      PM2006
Prisoner: Official Fact Files     Prisoner Locations Coach Tour (July 2006)
Shattered Visage     Prisoner Day at Big L
James Bond 007: The Man With the Golden Gun     Prisoner Scripts Volume 2 Launch Party
The Prisoner: The Official Calendar 2004     Prisoner Locations Walkabout (April 2006)
The Village Files     Prisoner Locations Walkabout (October 2005)
The Penny Farthing #38     PM2005
The Gillis Guide to The Prisoner     Prisoner Locations Coach Tour (July 2005)
Decoding The Prisoner     Prisoner Scripts Launch Party
Around the World in Ninety Years     Prisoner Plaque Unveling
Number Six - Prisoner Magazine Files Special     Prisoner Locations Walkabout (April 2005)
Charmed Life (novel)     Prisoner Locations Walkabout (October 2004)
When in Rome (novel)     Prisoner Locations Walkabout (April 2004)
Think Tank (Novel)     2003 - A Vintage Year
Who is Number Two? (Novel)     Prisoner Day 2003
A Day in the Life (Novel)     Prisoner Party 2003
The Prisoner (Novel)    

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