As reported on the main Mini Moke Page HERE, there were four Mokes used in The Prisoner, one known as 'HLT' (previously owned by Phil Caunt) and one known as 'CFC' (do read the page for more on these vehicles).

In 2022 Prisoner fan Luke obtained some original items, Luke takes up the story.

You already know the brilliant work of Phil Caunt, regarding the restoration of both CFC 916C and HLT 709C. I met Phil in May and he sold me the original speedometer and ignition parts from  HLT 709C, plus the original back reg plate from CFC 916C.

Phil couldn't use these parts in the restored Mokes, so he had them in his garage, along with the vinyl roof. We agreed a price and I've restored HLT's parts and mounted them in an original 60's Mini-Moke instrument panel. (With tiny LED's, the indicator glass parts now light up again) The panel was sprayed in Old English White and it now sits on my mantel-piece.


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